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About Nepal

14 Zones and 75 Districts of Nepal is divided into three regions. The Himalayan region with mighty Himalayas, Mountainous region with rocky mountains and the Terai region with planes and green till horizon. All these regions has its own quality and attraction and its own culture and language.

Himalayas Of Nepal World reknowned Himalayas are present in Nepal, the country of mighty peaks. World's largest mountain Mt. Everest is also one of the mountains of Nepal. Mt. Annpurna, Kanchanjunga, Fish Tail, and many more also are in Nepal. Every year, number of tourists from various parts of the world visit here to trek these mountains. People here are friendly, welcoming, hardworking and helpful to the tourists.

Mountains Of Nepal Rocky mountains of this region has made its inhabitants adapt in the extreme conditions and strive hard for existence. The people here are mainly enrolled in animals and plants farming, business, etc. Strong, brave and trustworthy people in this region are reknowned worldwide. Brave Gorkhali are world famous for their bravery and honesty.

Terai Region Terai is famous for its greenery and agriculture. The great jungles of terai are the great source of attraction for the people all around the world. There are many Animal conservation parks in the terai region which invites tourists to view the varities of birds and the animals of Nepal. Hot and humid climate of Terai region has made in inhabitant of terai adapt in such conditions.